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Chiang Rai Flower Festival
Haad Chiang Rai
Rai Mae Fah Luang
Wat Rong Khun
Doi Tung
Phu Chi Fa
Mae Sai
The Golden Triangle/Chiang Saen
Doi Mae Salong
Night life in Chiangrai  
Mae Sai
Mae Sai which is about 62 kilometers from the provincial seat on Highway No. 110 is Thailand's northern-most district. Mae Sai borders on Myanmar's Tha Khi Lek marked by
the Mae Sai River with a bridge spanning both sides. Foreign visitors are allowed to cross over to Tha Khi Lek market by presenting their passports and paying a fee at the Mae Sai immigration checkpoint. In addition, there are tour services to Chiang Tung in Myanmar, which is approximately 160 kilometers north by road.
The Golden Triangle
A trip to Chiang Rai province would not be complete without seeing the notorious Golden Triangle first hand! This famed border location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet on
the Mekong River was once supposed to be the center of all the poppy cultivation in Thailand.

Travel approximately 9 kilometers north of old town Chiang Saen, along the road parallel to the Mekong River to the area where the borders of Thailand, Myammar and Laos converge. This area where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River is locally referred to as "Sop Ruak". Within this area are remains of many ancient places and structures attesting to the fact that the area had been settled by people in the past. It is also the area where various legends concerning the Lanna ancestors originate.

Boats can be hired in order to view the upstream scenery of the Golden Triangle and to travel downstream to Chiang Khong. The trip to the Golden Triangle and Chiang Khong would take approximately 40 minutes and 1 hour respectively, depending on river currents and water levels.

Doi Mae Salong
Doi Mae Salong is the site of Santi Khiri village, a community settled by the former Chinese 93rd Division who moved from Myanmar to reside on Thai territory in 1961. The village
became well known for its enchanting scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Today it is a major tourist attraction with its small-town ambience, delicious native Chinese dishes, small hotels and guesthouses catering to visitors and tea, coffee and fruit tree plantations. The scenery is especially picturesque in December and January when sakuras are in full bloom. Scattered with many hill tribe villages, Doi Mae Salong is ideal for trekking.

To reach Doi Mae Salong, take the Chiang Rai-Mae Chan route for 29 kilometers, then turn left and proceed for another 41 kilometers (passing a hot spring). The return trip can be taken on routes nos. 1234 and 1130 which wind through Yao and Akha hill tribe villages. From Doi Mae Salong a road leads to Tha Thon, the starting point for the Kok River cruise, a distance of 45 kilometers. There are hotels and guesthouses to accommodate tourists and a paved road leading to the village.

Night life in Chiangrai
There' s nothing much to do after sundown in Chiangrai. The best place to go is Night Barzaa. Chiangrai Night Barzaa is on Pahonyothin road between the bus-station. You can
buy a variety of local products and handricrafts by hilltribes. Price quiet high for traveller. You can bargain for the good price anyway. Here is a place with many stands of restaurent.
It's the place to get any kinds of food; thai local food, japanese food and western food.The main foods that you could try are papaya salad (spicy teste), fried-rice, fried rice noodles, spicy soup with prawn (well-known as Tom Yum Kung) and babq etc. You can find everythings up here. 2 stages with live music and Thai classical dancing. Many people looking for foods and sitting around drinking and eating.
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